AVC by SFR à Cisco Live 2013

Lors du grand rassemblement de techies : Cisco Live 2013 à Londres, la société californienne a présenté ses nouvelles fonctionnalités de visibilité applicative embarquées dans les routeurs : "AVC". 

Grâce au partenariat technologique Cisco / Living Objects / SFR, la visibilité applicative a été intégrée aux offres entreprises de SFR Business Team. 

Retrouvez en vidéo la présentation en avant première de la solution SFR Business Team à Londres : ici

Speaker(s)  Laurent Duru - Consulting System Engineer, SFR
Olivier MOLL - Product Manager, SFR Business Team 

SFR Business Team is the first alternative SP in France. We have choosen to integrate Cisco AVC solutions as a foundation of a set of new innovative Managed Services to help our customers to better understand applications running on their networks. Those new data services for large companies and SMB will definitively help companies in their application transition to cloud infrastructure. This service also incudes a powerful application usage and performance dashboard tool for decision makers, head of IT departments and network experts .... What was important to elaborate AVC services : - working on new set of technologies - choosing a strong partner to deliver the technological foundation - choosing an efficient, robust, customizable and ergonomic NMS-tool, provided by a end user experience centric partner